Tuesday, June 16, 2015



New proffesional Nebula Reverb PROGRAM for http://www.acustica-audio.com/ Nebula

I love vintage analog reverbs. And i love plates. Only way to be REALLY close to oryginal in ITB world is Nebula for now. So i try to sample best reverb on planet in best possible way :)

I`ve found beautifull and modified gold foil / plate unit - so after long testing sampling and tuning new VNXT reverb is ready! This is sampled with highend PrismDream converters 96kHz.

Its VNXTe240 !!!

Two versions - one clean and one with oryginal internal 12db 100Hz filtering. After that filter reverb reacts really differently so thats why its different program.

One version is about 2GB data and as always is for full commercial Nebula users only!

Its sampled 96kHz only but because of great internal Nebula convertion is Really no problem. Still converters and programing sounds best at 96kHz for me so reverb simply sounds better sampled (and even converted) this way. Please read manuals. This time no free demo but this is no compromise CPU heavy reverb. 

Info and manual look here - read before buy

You can try my other free demos to see how this kind of reverbs works on Your machine - please try before You buy! Also hear these examples whats possible:

So if You like it :

VNXTe240 96Khz  regular version - 21

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VNXTe240HP 96Khz  version with oryginal 12dB 100Hz filter - 21

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VNXTe240FULL (regular and HP versions) - 32

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