Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New spring reverb - coming from rare american presets rack unit!:) VNXT848


Back in NebulaWorld:)  

This time something very rare - yes again vintage spring reverb system:)  This american company does not exist anymore. This unit is interesting - has presets - so I`ve sampled all 4 presets to give You new flavours of spring reverb:)

Reverb is carefully done as always via MYTEK 192X8 converters in 44kHz and 96kHz in proffesional studio.

Remember these are commercial programs for commercial Nebula version only!

This reverb is really high quality so 96kHz program is really CPU intensive - please read PDF instruction or try my other free reverb demos to see if it works for You.

This time price is low but i dont give demo programs - only audio samples.

VNXT848_44 - 44kHz sampled 6€

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VNXT848_96 - 96kHz sampled 6€

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ALL 848 BUNDLE - VNXT848_44 AND VNXT848_96 - ONLY 10€ !!!

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All best - have fun - more big thinkg coming soon!:)


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  1. Dude your presets rock!!! Please keep on doing them how you do because they are 10x better than other nebula presets out there