Saturday, January 2, 2010


VNXTe140 – marvellous stereo plate reverb, full analog – this unit from 60s is in perfect condition after full prof. tuning and cleaning – to sound even better! This unit is really unique and sound great!

Sample session was made carrefully with high-end MYTEK converters 96khz with Mogami cables in proffesional studio.

8 PROGRAMS for 8 different reverb time – all with 3 distortion kernels!

VNXTe140VNXT1s96 - 1 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT1,5s96 - 1,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT2s96 - 2 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT2,5s96 - 2,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT3s96 - 3 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT3,5s96 - 3,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT4s96 - 4 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT5s96 - 5 second long tail

Here You can hear and download examples (please download for best quality).

Additional sound examples LINK

Programs sampled with 96khz to best sonics but tested and great working also with 44,1khz 48khz, 88khz.

Full pack of 8 programs max quality VNXTe140S96 is 10€ !
(as always these commercial program are for commercial version of Nebula only!)

email me if You want to buy!!!


  1. Great! Giancarlo

  2. Are you planning on releasing a 0,5 second version?

  3. if only my unit will have that possiblility (for now shortest was 1 sec)YES - i will investigate that!

  4. Do you have any plans to sample an EMT250? That would be awesome if it came out the same quality as your 140. It'd sell by the ton...

  5. I purchased this reverb but I can't use it at 96k in Nebula because it causes me pops and crackles and huge CPU consumption.I noticed that if I reinstall Nebula 3 PRO,the first time that I load any of the EMT 140 programs (from 1sec to 5 secs) there are no issues and I can change the various programs without any problem,but as soon as I close and reopen a Nebula instance the problem will come back with cpu hitting from 150% to 400% in ableton meter and from 40 to 65% in task Manager when in the first attempt it hits max 20 % in task manager and less than 5 % in Ableton Meter.I already sent a mail to developer but didn't get any answer yet.Anybody knows how to solve this problem?Thanks

    1. Did you used the nebula reverb?
      Good tips are includes on the pdf for that kind of problem?

  6. This reverb is nuts, so good!!!! Just wondering, is there any quality loss using it in 48 or 44.1khz due to SRC or does this no effect this type of sampling?