Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"FREE VNXTEMT96 2sec tail only" for all Nebula Commercial and Nebula Free users!


Thanks for all (mainly very good) opinions about VNXTe140 relase. Many people want full working , full quality demo - so here it comes. Its regular ONE preset from full 8 presets VNXTEMT library(1sec to 5 sec tails). This is 2 sec tail program.

Please be sure to read PDF documentation (mainly red lines)!!!

Many of You ask also about shorter than 1 sec programs - i think 1 sec it is shorter possible in that unit - but i will investigate is that possible to do shorter one.

Also eagerly looking for other great vintage units (not only reverbs) in central europe - if You know one please let me know!!




  1. Hi,

    I´m using last Neb 3 pro version but the EMT demo won´t load. Instead of loading the reverb, it loads the Init preset. What do I have to do?


  2. Problem solved!

  3. Finally bought it! Downloading right now. This reverb sits sooo easy in a mix...

  4. Bravo! Just tried it out on a vocal track. Sounded great!

  5. Demo link is down. Could you please re-up the link so that we could try it? Also all other demo links are down. Please have a look as we all have heard good about your samples. Many thanks

  6. Hi,
    Yes, could you re-upload this and other programs? Would be appreciated!