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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was quiet here - why? A lot of work and than - CRASH - some equipment from my studio was stolen (!). After months and months dealing with insurance company etc. its over - now don`t want to think about this anymore...

Good news is new MYTEK 8X192 High End Converter IS here!!! What a great clean sound. Now waiting for some additional cables and will be back in business again - so finger crossed.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


New Acustica-Audio site IS ready! You can find there lots on new stuff (Acquavox, new skins ,new library etc.)

Also clear and interesting The Acustica Manifest is relased - be sure to read to fully understand AA.

"In these modern days of accessibility, virtually anything can be bought.

If you have money you simply buy something, and this sets you apart because you are able to amass more tools.

But Acustica has a different idea about the future: the true power is knowledge. When it comes to our tools, anyone with a little money can acquire them. Anybody with knowledge can see the value in them. So the difference between the average man and the rich man is minimized in respects to the tools that can be attained. They meet however on the common ground of knowledge. And now, only creativity, ability, and what one does with these tools are the barometer of difference.

We believe true richness is found in possessing knowledge.

Knowledge and hard work equates to wealth.

Here at Acustica, one can easily acquire amazing tools to prove that."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"FREE VNXTEMT96 2sec tail only" for all Nebula Commercial and Nebula Free users!


Thanks for all (mainly very good) opinions about VNXTe140 relase. Many people want full working , full quality demo - so here it comes. Its regular ONE preset from full 8 presets VNXTEMT library(1sec to 5 sec tails). This is 2 sec tail program.

Please be sure to read PDF documentation (mainly red lines)!!!

Many of You ask also about shorter than 1 sec programs - i think 1 sec it is shorter possible in that unit - but i will investigate is that possible to do shorter one.

Also eagerly looking for other great vintage units (not only reverbs) in central europe - if You know one please let me know!!



Saturday, January 2, 2010


VNXTe140 – marvellous stereo plate reverb, full analog – this unit from 60s is in perfect condition after full prof. tuning and cleaning – to sound even better! This unit is really unique and sound great!

Sample session was made carrefully with high-end MYTEK converters 96khz with Mogami cables in proffesional studio.

8 PROGRAMS for 8 different reverb time – all with 3 distortion kernels!

VNXTe140VNXT1s96 - 1 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT1,5s96 - 1,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT2s96 - 2 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT2,5s96 - 2,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT3s96 - 3 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT3,5s96 - 3,5 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT4s96 - 4 second long tail
VNXTe140VNXT5s96 - 5 second long tail

Here You can hear and download examples (please download for best quality).

Additional sound examples LINK

Programs sampled with 96khz to best sonics but tested and great working also with 44,1khz 48khz, 88khz.

Full pack of 8 programs max quality VNXTe140S96 is 18€ (about 24$) NOW !
(as always these commercial program are for commercial version of Nebula only!)

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