Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok after short but intense vacation im back!


After short vacations in Paris I`m back ! As a big city maniac i can say that Paris is great city but NY is still my number one :)

Anyway i still recommend to go there and see whole city, architecture, museums , galleries, clubs (Social club = great place) and feel city vibe...

In meantime there is a lot great Nebula news - mainly new 3rd programs by AnalogInTheBox , AlexB and finally Tapes pack by CDSoundMaster - hot - i will check them ASAP!
I think that nothing cant stop nebula maniacs now:)

Now i have to back to work etc. so more news soon and...

AND next VNXT relase will be that:


  1. wow... great news new reverb coming! i have NO idea what it is from that photo, any clue as to what type it is? (plate, spring, digital?)