Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok after short but intense vacation im back!


After short vacations in Paris I`m back ! As a big city maniac i can say that Paris is great city but NY is still my number one :)

Anyway i still recommend to go there and see whole city, architecture, museums , galleries, clubs (Social club = great place) and feel city vibe...

In meantime there is a lot great Nebula news - mainly new 3rd programs by AnalogInTheBox , AlexB and finally Tapes pack by CDSoundMaster - hot - i will check them ASAP!
I think that nothing cant stop nebula maniacs now:)

Now i have to back to work etc. so more news soon and...

AND next VNXT relase will be that:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Good news is fully free and open now and Velinas is back!
This is official Velinas statement:

"Ok, it's been now 8weeks or so that I simply had not even a a little time.

I am very sorry you all had to wait that long.

I am back to "Nebula-business" now :-)

Anyway, as a consequence I deceided to completely move all restrictions from this site.

It means:

1) No more ratio. Just try to be nice. Now EVERYONE can download and we will have huge increase of traffic (even we are on torrents

2) No more account activation. Things on this site are free. You can download everything even it doesn't make sense (because you don't have a commercial Nebula license).

3) We need 4-5 moderators. If anyone would like to help- especially people I "know" already, please PM me.


So every new customer without account activation can easly download programs and RELEASE something there. Its very important - sample Your own device and share with us!

To use all programs commercial Nebula license is needed - and to be fair Donate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I`ve prepared short (5sec) samples with percussive sound processed with orginal RE501 spring reverb, my new VNXT SOUND Nebula recreation, my Convolution recreation and RE201 UAD spring recreation.

To compare purpose I`ve added to every sample (except orginal sample) orginal noise of RE501 and carefully matched levels.

Of course Nebula recreation don`t have such big noise (only a little to good feel) so thats great - You can also listen this here in clean example.

You can listen and download samples here:

As You see VNXT SOUND - Soundcloud started - so feel free to comment, sent something etc.

If somebody is interested how sound my older RE501 recreation without distortion kernels - in package to download You can also find sample with that.
Another full package download link:

Hear yourself what is going on here :)

In meantime is important to say that official, new version of Nebula is relased (v. 1.3.271 ) - update if You have older version!
And new official Acusticaaudio library versions (universal for 32bit/64bit/OSX) of official are on the way...