Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nebula News 001
First of all thanks for good response on VNXT SOUND blog start! I will try to do it regular but keep in mind that im active producer and musician so maybe not like milion posts in month :)

First news are great - some are BREAKING NEWS!

1. 64bit Nebula is comming (!) - its working now and soon will be official - this is future for this technology - RAM limit will not be a problem anymore...
Hope to go on 64bit system in this year - cant wait.

2. Appart no1. 32bit Nebula is also strongly optimized - on some reverbs is TWO TIMES FASTER!!!
(f.e. my RE501neutralMX on Q6600 was 19-22% CPU now its 6-11% THATS SOMETHING!)
Look here for details: CLICK

3. New relase of AlexB - This time its "Modern Black Console" CLICK
Look for this beauty:

I have MTC (Modern Tube Console) and MWC (Modern White Console) and i have to say its something really great and unique in ITB world.
This Guy not only take cables and sample - He make mod`s inside console and put "NATanimal" there - respect.
I cant wait to try to do BLACK MIX...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ok - I have to start somewhere :) So - here we go!

RE501 - Roland Chorus Echo - Spring reverb program 6sec with 3 distortion kernels!

For good start - finish of my old series of RE501 spring. This time with 3 distortion kernels, distortion fx reverb slider, after some really serious tests. Again, it is step forward - for me sounds even more close to orginal. I will post samples and comparisions on this blog later.
More information can be found in PDF documentation inside package.

This is blog - so two photos from sampling session for You :)

My device in sampling action...

NAT is working hard :)

More about blog idea - it is blog with my programs and sampling process but i will post important Nebula news also, plus maybe some samples from my studio, convolution responses etc.

Nebula world is still growing - thats great! - if You have some importans news, please let me know.

Im really open for Your opinions and comments, so feel free to post comments here or sent email!

And i want to aplogize for my english its not my first language - correct me if something sounds weird or funny :)
Also dont have betatesters for now - so if something its not working let me know!

all best